Developing Exceptional History in Schools

By the Historical Association 2012-2020

Who is this course for?

Heads and aspiring heads of history, secondary Quality Mark schools and their subject leaders or anyone interested in developing exceptional history within their school setting.

This course will help you to provide positive development to the history provision in your school. Whether you’re looking for inspiration or reassurance, then this is the right professional development for you and your school.

Course Overview

This course will bring together Historical Association’s Quality Mark assessors/subject experts and your school staff, to develop the skills needed to drive forward professional development and achievement to create outstanding history in your school. Delegates will be able to access and use the knowledge gained to develop exceptional provision in their school and also apply for Quality Mark status if they wish.

Using an array of leading examples of innovative, creative and rigorous design, planning, delivery, enrichment, communication, feedback, community work, the Historical Association (HA) will led participants through the very latest and best examples of Secondary School History departments. The sessions will be led by experienced practitioners who also act as Quality Mark assessors for the Historical Association. Given their wide ranging collective experience, the QM assessors have an extensive pool to draw from and share.

Session Overview

Each session is split into 2 twilight professional development sessions, each lasting approximately 2 hours. The first session will be highly structured and will be led by the HA. The second session is session that allows opportunities for discussion and reflection from the previous session. As well as providing opportunity to apply ideas and thinking to current or new projects.

Session Topics & Timetable

Session 1&2

How can the subject leader/head of department enhance history in your school?

Using case studies, this session will identify some of the key features Quality Mark assessors have found that could be developed by those responsible for the subject. It can examine many of the most impressive features of earlier visits comparing them with some of the aspects that have not impressed.

Session 1: November 2019
Session 2: December 2019

Session 3&4

Developing your curriculum

An opportunity to delve into the history curriculum. With curriculum sitting at the centre of everything a history department does, this session will look to unpick some of the meaning behind these by looking at specific examples of good and effective practice. It will also cover current issues such as adaptation to a new curriculum, changes to examinations and what the new Ofsted framework means for subject leaders.

Session 3: January 2020
Session 4: February 2020

Session 5&6

Motivating history in the school & further steps

Using examples from the Quality Mark, this session will examine some of the teaching, learning and methodology that have motivated pupils of different ages and abilities. Techniques, such as effective pupil voice, will be explored in depth to further understand what motivates students in history. The sessions will also include some of the best examples of enrichment and consider how such activities have contributed to successful history in the school. The session will conclude with a short interlude into the Historical Associations QM programme and how applications can be made.

Session 5: March 2020
Session 6: April 2020

Session 7&8

Developing your assessment & further steps.

What does getting better at History look like and how do we assess this? An opportunity to delve into the threshold concepts of history and how we can possibly assess the curriculum we have built. This session will look to unpick some of the meaning behind these by looking at specific examples of good and effective practice. This session will look to explore alternatives to GCSE questions for KS3 and 4, promoting exceptional history along the way. Such a session comes timely within the course given the new Ofsted framework and its thoughts on curriculum assessment.

Session 7: June 2020
Session 8: July 2020


£275 for all four sessions or £75 per session.
Please note that numbers for this training are capped and will be dealt with on a first come, first served basis.

Why this course?

  • 16 hours of subject specific CPD, with HA certification of attendance
  • Led by the Historical Association with leading subject experts
  • Fantastic value for money, considering fees for subject specific conferences
  • Personalised and intimate groups giving you individual time to discuss your department with a subject expert
  • Local: not only is this convenient, it gives you a fantastic opportunity to network with like minded subject leaders and forge subject networks.

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