National Leaders of Education (NLE)

Lee Gray : Headteacher Studley High School, National Leader of Education

Lee Gray

Headteacher Studley High School, National Leader of Education

Throughout my career I have seen so many excellent teachers delivering their subject with skill and enthusiasm. I remember my PGCE year clearly and I can still see, within my teaching, elements of the story telling of Steve Pugh, the attention to detail and assessment of Chris Edwards, the discipline and safe environment to learn of Mike Dean and the enthusiasm and engagement with new technology (as it was then) of James Thomas.

I have never been one for 'we must all deliver in exactly the same way'. Excellent teachers can deliver learning in so many different ways, taking on new ideas, whilst maintaining  the right climate for learning within the classroom.
Over the years I have taken so much from observing colleagues and adapting my practice to try and improve further.

So much is talked about career paths and roles at different levels including NQT, RQT, Middle and Senior Leadership, Headteacher and Executive Headteacher. The key to successful development hinges on high quality relationships, clarity of communication and an unwavering pursuit of the very best education for all pupils.

The role of Teaching Schools, National Support Schools and National Leaders in Education has developed significantly in recent years. The role of an NLE is varied and the level of support required across schools can range from subject improvement to system development or whole school management.  Within South Warwickshire and Worcestershire the Shires TSA is developing as an alliance of proactive partners committed to a school led system.
Within the Shires TSA we have 2 NLEs  as well as Local Leaders of education working across Solihull, Coventry and Warwickshire. To further support these roles and school to school support we also have 14 Specialist Leaders of Education.

As an alliance of schools we have a group of highly committed and high quality staff who can help develop teaching and learning and the leadership efficacy within schools. If you require any support then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Paul Hyde : Headteacher Alcester Academy, National Leader of Education

Paul Hyde

Headteacher Alcester Academy, National Leader of Education

I started my teaching career over 20 years ago as a Science Teacher. During my time in education I have worked in four different schools, catering for students from hugely diverse of backgrounds. I have to say, it is the diversity of the children that we teach, that really drives my enthusiasm for the profession. I can think of no other profession where each day can be so different. This in my opinion keeps us all fresh and ready for the next challenge.

I have held a number of positions in schools including Head of Department, Head of Year, Teaching and Learning Coordinator, Assistant Head, Deputy Head and now - Headteacher. As such, it is fair to say I have extensive experience upon which to draw. I am a deeply reflective practitioner with a good memory of each of the roles I’ve held. I often draw upon my experience in formulating strategic plans, making sure that the things I ask of my staff are manageable and realistic.

As a Headteacher, I still teach. I believe this is important as it demonstrates that I am very much in touch with the latest pedagogy – I am delivering it! I am still accountable for the performance of my own classes and really understand the pressure to deliver the very best outcomes for individuals. I believe these two factors allow me to lead from the front and give me credibility as a leader.

As an individual, I believe the relationships we build are critical to our successes. It is because of this view that I so heavily promote the need to get to know all of the individuals we work with, whether this is parents, children or members of staff. Relationships within the classroom are, in my opinion, the greatest indicator of success. Where these are founded in mutual respect and a desire to achieve, excellent outcomes usually follow.

Since becoming Headteacher at Alcester Academy, as a result of my philosophies and leadership, the academy has gone from strength to strength. Just four years ago we were judged as ‘Requiring Improvement. We are now one of the highest performing non-selective schools in Warwickshire. I fully expect to be named again in the top 100 non-selective schools in the country.

I am available to provide support as a National Leader of Education and of course as an experienced headteacher. Please contact Shires TSA or Alcester Academy for initial conversations.

Julie Leeman : Headteacher and SENCO, Welford on Avon Primary School

Julie Leeman

Headteacher and SENCO, Welford on Avon Primary School

I am an experienced school leader with significant experience in school improvement. I have been headteacher at Welford on Avon Primary since 2013 and previously a deputy and assistant head at other primary schools across several areas of the UK.

I have maintained the outstanding status at Welford, having achieved high standards across the school for over 4 years. The school is currently rated in the top 1% of schools in England according to the Sunday Times and has recently been granted National Support School status. The school is currently involved in several exciting projects with other local schools, including a primary to secondary transition project and a programme for academically able pupils. The school is also proud to be a member of the Ogden Trust.  All of these opportunities add to the depth to collective skills and increase the range of experiences for children.

I am also keen for Welford to achieve teaching school status - to drive and improve standards in education for current teachers as well as trainees so as to ensure these skilled professionals remain committed and understand the processes of education.

I have completed several successful school to school support interventions some of which were in very challenging circumstances.  I strongly believe that every child should have access to a high standard of teaching and learning.I believe that success comes through effective collaboration with parents, with the local community and with other schools.